"you grow,we buy"

Major Activities and Expected Prodects




1. Oil Seeds Production

  • At the present time, the improved varieties of sunflower, safflower, soybean, flax and canola are under seed multiplication, both as first crop (planted in April/May) and also as second crop(planted in July). The estimated production of a total area of 180 acres would amount to 60 tons.
  • With the successful and economic production of oil crops such as Soybean, sunflower, cotton under irrigated farming as second crop after wheat harvest and the promotion of irrigated farming for the local oil crops (sesame and Flax) currently produced under dry farming condition, oil crops production is expected to bring about great revolutionary prospects. The Northern, Northeastern and Northwestern provinces are gifted with the greatest production potentials. With assured marketing and pricing prospects, the potential for the production of such oilseeds is expected to reach thousands of metric tons, capable of meeting the requirements of processing operations.

2. The implementation of a Multi-crop/Multi-purpose Oil crops Production Development program.

The production and industrial development of the oil crops sub-sector can be best utilized when approached under a program involving several of the adapted and promising oil crops and for a multiple purpose of highest priority including income generation, oil production, animal feed production as well as nutrition.

3. Production of improved foundation wheat seed

  • From 1.250 tons of foundation wheat seed the company has been trusted to receive from Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MOAI) Seeds Enterprise, the company was able to produce about 40 tons of high quality certified rust-resistant Rana-96 wheat seed, ready to be sold to interested parties including to MOAI.

4. Production of budded fruit trees

  • In the farms of RSBAC both in Kabul and Balkh provinces, thousands of almond, apricot, and apple seeding will be budded this year with the best varieties of budding stock for marketing next year.

5. Production of vegetable seeds

  • This activity is presently limited in the RSABC farms in Kabul province which includes onion, chilies and tomato seeds.

6. Production of Mursal (Rose) and poplar

  • This activity is also limited for the time being in the RSABC farms in Kabul province. It's extension to other provinces is envisaged in the near future.

7. Supply and marketing of quality farm inputs through the establishment and activation of farm inputs centers/depots in strategic locations of the country aimed at improving farmers access to the required farm inputs(seeds, chemical fertilizers, pesticides & farm implements

8. Production of grapes of major commercial varieties (Taifi, Shindu, Khani,Kishmishi)

  • Using the modern trellising system, a total of 1800 vines will produce high quality grapes ready to be marketed in the domestic and regional markets (Dubai, Pakistan).

9. Activities under poultry, dairy farms, and the use of renewable energy(solar and Wind) in agriculture will be developed under the second phase of the company's Activities.