"you grow,we buy"




RANA Seeds & Agribusiness Company (RSABC)

In line with the agriculture and privatization policy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the RANA Seeds & Agribusiness Company (RSABC) was established to serve as a model and leading agribusiness enterprise to initially operate in selective areas of the country gifted with the highest farm production potentials, embracing a diversity of priority commercial products of promising socio-economic values to the Afghan farmers, Afghan farming communities as well as the national economy.

The initial and preparatory activities towards the establishment of RASBC began in 2003 through:

(i )the establishment & operation of a model orchard in Mir Bacha Kot district of Kabul Province ;

(ii) Multiplication in suitable locations of RSABC partners' farmlands in Kabul province of foundation wheat seed, sunflower, safflower, flax, canola and soybean, imported in small quantities from various locations in the U.S.A. and Canada

As required by any commercial farming operations under semi-arid climatic conditions in Afghanistan , the orchard and the farm lands have been equipped with deep wells to serve as a dependable source of irrigation water.

Purpose and Scope

As a leading private company, RASBC aims at demonstrating how the existing farm production potentials of the agricultural sector can be economically and efficiently tapped through the use of adaptable farming technologies, mobilization of human and financial recourses, and development of marketing potentials, prospects and facilities. The company aims to function as a sound and viable agribusiness development model for other private agriculture companies in the country.

The specific purpose/scope of the company includes:

  • The Multiplication and marketing of high quality seeds (both open pollinated and hybrid) and budded seedlings for highly demanded and selected high value farm products.
  • Supply and marketing of quality/standard farm inputs ( seeds, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, marked with standard specifications, packing and labeling requirements, farm implements/machinery with related technical services information, available through farm input centers in selected areas of the country marked with acceptable packing and labeling requirements.
  • Production, packaging, marketing and processing of high quality/value farm products for both domestic and regional markets, including oilseeds, grapes, vegetables, roses, spices, poultry and dairy products.
  • Reduction of waste and supply management of high value perishable crops through better storage and processing facilities.
  • Promoting the adoption and marketing of adaptable and efficient irrigation system (drip, sprinkle, mulching) and farming related and community needs based on renewable energy technologies (solar, wind and bio).
  • Promoting and developing the production and marketing of greenhouse farming system, with emphasis on vegetables for early and off-season production and marking.

As an agribusiness company, RSABC will support and adhere to the farm production and marketing principle of “ YOU GROW, WE BUY” and firmly believe that with market and marketing assurance, Afghan farmers will produce as demanded by market.