"you grow,we buy"

Future Plans


By the end of the forthcoming harvesting season, RSABC will approach a stage to further expand its seed production activities and will be well-prepared to make the necessary preparation to market and process its farmland, expansion of its partnership and professional strength. An important task in the near future includes the development of national oil seeds association and the development of a national oilseeds production programme. This includes the expanded production, marketing and processing of major oil seed corps in Afghanistan ). RSBAC policy is to adopt an open/ flexible approach aimed at covering a wider range of oil crops including soybean, sesame, cotton seed, flax and canola and for developing marketing prospects trusted by the farmers in line with the marketing principles of “you grow, we buy”. The implementation of the existing and future plans will undoubtedly require expanded investment through grants or low interest loans from sources outside and inside of Afghanistan .

At the present time, the establishment and building up of “ A Support/Revolving Agribusiness Fund” in support of the initial stages of the company's activities including the development of a viable and sustainable seed multiplication program for oil crops, vegetables and wheat, as well as financial and technical support to farmers in the successful implementation of oil crops as second crop after wheat harvest, will serve as an essential requirement. Initially, an amount of two to three million Dollars will serve as an efficient starter for this purpose.